Our Story


To be made greater is to have purpose behind whatever you create. It goes beyond what something objectively is and takes on new meaning. That it what is strived for at ARORA with every piece of clothing.

The brand was created in the winter of 2018 by Bijoy Arora. What started out as screen-printed logo tees has now transformed into well-crafted garments, with the intent of carrying on a message through a piece.

Our pieces are all made ethically with great detail placed on the material. 

Through the money raised from ARORA, we are able to reach out and contribute to causes that are close to our heart such as missions work, marginalized communities (The Deaf community, Minority Empowerment Groups etc.) and pressing current issues. 

The goal is to create pieces that we have never seen before, convey art through a simple medium and thanks to you we are able to do this 

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU

Bijoy Arora